Active for Life lesson plans

Active for Life is pleased to offer the following resources for educators, caregivers, camp leaders, and after-school program leaders who want to deliver physical literacy instruction to children.

Choose from our ready-made lesson plans. There are different lesson plans for ages 3-5 years, 5-8 years, and 8-12 years. All lesson plans are in PDF format.

Active for Life would like to thank 60 Minute Kids’ Club for sharing with us their instructional and assessment videos.

5 – 8 Years Old


Balance 2.1: Balance ball
Balance 2.2: Balance poses


Dodging 2.1: Snatch the flag


Falling 2.1: Safe landing


Galloping 2.1: Galloping horses


Hopping 2.1: Hopping mazes
Hopping 2.2: Hoop hop
Hopping 2.3: Fruit basket
Hopping 2.4: Hop tag


Jumping 2.1: Island jumping
Jumping 2.2: Jumping square
Jumping 2.3: Obstacle jump
Jumping 2.4: Relay race


Rolling 2.1: Rolling relay


Running 2.1: Fire “safety” tag
Running 2.2: Tent tag
Running 2.3: Crows and cranes
Running 2.4: Red light, green light


Skipping 2.1: Chain tag


Starting-Stopping 2.1: Mirror game


Catching 2.1: Trick catch
Catching 2.2: Hot potato tag
Catching 2.3: Gopher ball
Catching 2.4: Catch and pass

Dribbling Feet

Dribbling Feet 2.1: Small sided soccer
Dribbling Feet 2.2: Numbers game with one goal

Dribbling Hands

Dribbling Hand 2.1: Musical hoops
Dribbling Hand 2.2: Dribble and go


Kicking 2.1: Clean up
Kicking 2.2: Pass and dodge
Kicking 2.3: Numbers game with two goals


Throwing 2.1: Take down
Throwing 2.2: Bowling for 3
Throwing 2.3: Bucket toss golf
Throwing 2.4: Toss through blockers
Throwing 2.5: Overhand throwing 1

Before using the lesson plans above, please read our best practices for creating a positive learning environment and our skills tip sheet for leaders.

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