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Physical literacy lives here

The Physical Literacy Alliance was launched in late 2013 with the goal of promoting physical literacy education and programming across Canada and is committed to:

  1. Providing quality physical literacy programming for our community, and supporting similar programs across Canada.
  2. Educating parents, families, and media on the importance of physical literacy.
  3. Providing parents and families with practical physical literacy resources.
  4. Developing best practices for physical literacy professionals through sharing and dialogue.

We recognize that every community across Canada is unique, but we share a common goal: To improve physical literacy for all.

Physically literate kids have a wide range of basic movement skills and thus the confidence to participate in a wide variety of sports and physical activities. Kids develop physical literacy both through unstructured play–where kids can explore different skills on their own–and structured activities–where they can receive teaching and coaching to improve their skills. Learn more about physical literacy.

Physical literacy pledge

We have developed a physical literacy pledge that organizations can take to show their commitment to physical literacy. Take the pledge today and become an official member of the Physical Literacy Alliance. Join a growing group of Canadians committed to improving the quality of children’s lives and building a healthy and active population.

Physical literacy education

One of the key objectives of the Alliance is to educate parents, families, and media on the importance of physical literacy. Visit our educate parents page for resources that your organization can use to inform parents about physical literacy, and grow your program.

Physical literacy programming resources

The physical literacy alliance is also happy to share quality physical literacy programming resources. Visit’s pro resources tab to find a series of resources including our lesson plan builder for ideas on how to incorporate physical literacy into your programming

Alliance members


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