2022 Gift Guide: 25 active gifts for under $25

2022 Gift Guide: 25 active gifts for under $25

Editor’s note: This article was updated on Nov. 15, 2022.

The holiday season is a time to be jolly!

And what better way to keep those spirits up than with a bit of help picking active toys for the kids in your life. With all of the gift ideas on this list coming in under $25, your loved ones AND your wallet will thank you.

A toy is a thoughtful gift—but a toy that gets your little ones moving and having fun is one of the best gifts! Here’s how to keep your kids moving and shaking right through the holidays and into the new year.

1. Hape Baby Einstein Four Fundamentals Wooden Sensory Set

This wooden toy is easy to grasp, stack, twist, touch and spin. It’s a perfect gift for the youngest on your list.

3 months+ $17.99 | Available at Mastermind Toys

The Hape Baby Einstein Four Fundamentals Wooden Sensory Set

2. Waboba – LED Flyer

How long can you keep it up? The flyer lights up every time you hit it with your hands, your arms, your feet, or any other body part you use to keep it from hitting the ground. It’s the perfect toy for some fun after dark!

Age 8+ $14.99-17.99 | Available at Amazon

Waboba - LED Flyer

3. Heads Talk, Tails Walk

Warning: this game will bring about non-stop laughter! The goal in this game is to try to match head tiles to body tiles. If you end up with the head of one animal and the body of another, though, it’s time to act out the walk and talk of the mismatched animal. Can you moo like a cow while hopping like a frog?

Age 3+ $20.00 | Available at Amazon

Heads Talk, Tails Walk tile game

4. Gizmo Riders Red Supernova 70 Sled

Hit the slopes with this super strong snow disc. Lean backwards to activate the brake and sideways to corner on the hills. It’s a snow sledder’s dream!

Age 3+ $21.99 | Available at Mastermind Toys

The Gizmo Riders Red Supernova 70 Sled

5. The Anywhere Puck

Use the Anywhere Puck for fun and/or to improve your shooting skills. Made of soft foam, the puck can be used inside or out. When hit correctly, the puck will fly straight and flat. Hit it improperly and it will pop up or down in an egg shape.

Age 3+ $24.99 | Available at Mastermind Toys

Six stacked Anywhere Pucks

6. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Babies will love shaking, bending, rattling, and rolling this colourful ball. Small enough to fit in your diaper bag, it’s perfect to take everywhere you and your baby go.

Ages 1+ $11.99 | Available at Well.ca

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

7. Take-Along Tool Kit

With a sturdy toolbox of kid-sized wooden nails, screws, nuts, and bolts, plus a toy hammer, wrench, and screwdriver, your little builder just might be on their way to a future on HGTV.

Age 3+ $19.99 | Available at Toys R Us

Take-Along Tool Kit

8. Tub Time Playground

Stick this to the side of your tub and watch your child pour, splash, press, and spin their way to tons of fun with this wild water-park adventure.

Age 1+ $24.99 | Available at Mastermind Toys

Tub Time Playground

9. WowMazing Giant Bubbles

Giant long-lasting bubbles provide kids with massive fun. These bubble makers come in a kit with large wands, bubble concentrate, and a book to teach kids how to perform bubble tricks. There’s a regular bubble kit as well as unicorn, winter, and outer space themed options.

Ages 6+ $20 | Available at Brighten Up Toys & Games

Two kids play with the WowMazing Giant Bubbles kit

10. Wrist Shooters

Wrist Shooters is a game of knee hockey fun. With a bendable blade on the “stick” and a soft foam ball, it’s a game that can be played inside or out.

Ages 3+ $15.00 | Available at Brighten Up Toys & Games

Orange Wrist Shooters

11. Make Your Own Motor Boat

Your child can be the designer and the captain of their own boat with this great gift. Pop this waterproof propeller on the back of a homemade craft and set sail for hours of fun. The motor runs on one AAA battery (included).

Age 8+ $11.50 | Available at Lee Valley

Make Your Own Motor Boat

12. Franklin MLB Oversized Foam Bat & Ball

With a soft foam gripped bat and a light foam ball, this is the perfect set for the beginner player. A simple, but fun and affordable gift!

Age 3+ $18.99 | Available at Mastermind Toys

Franklin MLB Oversized Foam Bat & Ball

13. Jazzminton Paddle Game

With two types of birdies, kids can choose to play a slower game as they’re learning or playing with younger children or a faster one when they’ve got the groove of it. And if you’d like to play it in the water, every piece of equipment floats.

Age 6+ $11.99 | Available at Super Toy

Jazzminton set with two paddles and two birdies

14. Zoo Hip Pack

Heading out for a hike or a trip to the park? Your little one can bring along their own adventure pack with a toy, a refillable water bottle, or whatever they choose to make their excursion as perfect as they wish!

Age 3+ $12.99 | Available at Snuggle Bugz

Zoo Hip Pack

15. Adidas Starlancer Club Training Ball

This ball not only looks cool but is super durable (ie. won’t need blowing up again and again and again!). That’s the holiday gift that keeps on giving!

Age 10+ $24.99 | Available at Soccer City

Adidas Starlancer Club Training Ball

16. SpyX Night ‘Nocs

The perfect gadget for nighttime spying (or playing a variety of games!). The binoculars allow your child to see 25 feet away even in the dark. With a white spotlight and a red “sleuthing” light, your kids will love being world-class secret agents!

Age 6+ $19.99 | Available at Mastermind Toys

SpyX Night 'Nocs

17. Championship Yo-Yo Tricks Book and Kit

Your kid will amaze their friends and family with the 32 tricks they can learn with the easy-to-follow instructions in this book. The kit comes with a wooden yo-yo and one with flashing lights for more sparkling fun.

Age 10+ $16.95 | Available at Indigo

Championship Yo-To Tricks

18. Hoop A Loop

Can your kids ring-a-round colourful targets? Lightweight and portable, this game can be set up in your yard, the park, or the beach.

Age 3+ $21.99 | Available at Indigo

Hoop a Loop game

19. Retro City Traffic Rug

Your kid will love taking their toys around town. How fast can their cars visit the airport and get to the farm? Can they circle around the hospital and get to school on time?

Age 2+ $24.03 | Available at The Home Depot

Retro City Traffic Rug

20. Rainbow Delta Kite

This durable, colourful kite is easy to assemble and so fun to fly. Don’t be surprised if your teens or even you end up wanting one too.

Age 3+ $19.99 | Available at Mastermind Toys

Rainbow kite

21. My First Flybar Jump and Squeak Pogo

Balance and bounce on a foam jumper that kids can use to jump to their heart’s delight inside or out.

Age 3+ $24.99 | Available at Indigo

My First Flybar Jump and Squeak Pogo

22. Triplet by Quut

The Triplet allows your kids to dig, carve out moats, sift sand for shells, rake, and, with the hollow handle, pour water to give their sand creations a perfect finish.

Ages 18 months+ $14.99 | Available at Snuggle Bugz

Quut Triplet

23. Wood Butterfly Net

Kids will love the thrill of catching and releasing the multitude of insects in the great outdoors. How many insects can they discover?

Age 3+ $24.99 | Available at Mountain Baby

Butterfly net

24. Search Wiz

Pick a card, any card and set off a’searchin’! In this card game, each card has descriptors on one side that allow kids not yet reading to understand the objects they need to find. On the other side, the description is found in three different languages. Special challenge cards are included to spice up the hunt—kids can play with these inside or out.

Age 5+ $17.99 | Available at Discovery Toys

Search Wiz cards

25. Giant Multi-Colour Parachute & Ball Toy Set

Get a group together and play a multitude of games that kids will love. Wave the parachute up and down, bounce a ball or stuffie on its top, or play freeze tag as the kids march around in a circle with their favourite music playing.

Age 5+ $19.99 | Available at Canadian Tire

Parachute and ball set

We hope this makes your holiday shopping a little easier! And don’t forget to check out our list of great stocking stuffers, too!

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