Free multisport program helps more kids develop physical literacy

A new free multisport program in Nova Scotia is helping more Cape Breton Island children develop physical literacy while learning how to play various sports. Capers in the Community launched this summer and is being offered at no cost in towns throughout the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM). The four-day camp gives children ages five to … Continued

Multi-sport school festivals vs. single-sport tournaments

As educators, it’s important to ensure children are introduced to physical literacy. Providing a variety of movement opportunities in as many different environments as possible inspires children to be active now and hopefully for life. In February, staff at École élémentaire publique Jeanne-Sauvé in Orleans, Ont. along with P.E. teachers from three other schools in … Continued

Multi-sport activity benefits kids: spread the word

Kids benefit from participating in many different physical activities. The multi-sport approach does not refer to having kids play multiple sports at the same time. That leads to burnout and exhaustion in your children. Rather, multi-sport is about making sure your kids get a rest and get a chance to learn other types of movement and sport … Continued

The multi-sport advantage

Experts agree that physical literacy is the foundation for achievement in sport. It’s also essential for supporting active, healthy lifestyles. When kids are young, the multi-sport approach is the best for developing their physical literacy. Multi-sport means encouraging kids to do a wide variety of physical activities and sports prior to their teen years. Even … Continued