New playground features aim to keep tweens active in parks

Playgrounds and unstructured free play have always been my go-to options for my two boys’ exercise and entertainment. But as they’ve grown in height, they’ve also been growing apart in terms of their interests, as well as their physical and social skills. Despite their five-year age difference, when they were younger both would happily play … Continued

Why this camp encourages child-led play in nature

On a summer afternoon, you might find four-year-olds digging in the mud with sticks while six-year-olds toss stones into a creek and eight-year-olds climb trees or build a fort. Welcome to the Into the Wild nature camp at WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alta., where unstructured, child-led, risky play is the name of the … Continued

Active for Life: Early years educators toolkit

Physical Literacy What exactly is physical literacy? These graphics make it easy to understand. Physical Literacy Infographic Apple Model Our physical literacy checklists for ages 0 to 9 years show you which movement skills and activities are appropriate to each age. You can help to spread the word about physical literacy by putting these images … Continued