Multi-sport activity benefits kids: spread the word

The multi-sport approach exposes kids to a variety of sports and physical activities, avoiding premature specialization. Help spread the message by sharing these images on your social media, website, or blog. You may also want to download and print our multisport poster for display. For more on the benefits to young athletes of playing multiple … Continued

The multi-sport advantage

Experts agree that physical literacy is the foundation for achievement in sport. It’s also essential for supporting active, healthy lifestyles. When kids are young, the multi-sport approach is the best for developing their physical literacy. Multi-sport means encouraging kids to do a wide variety of physical activities and sports prior to their teen years. Even … Continued

10 most popular Active for Life articles of all time

Since Active for Life launched in June 2012, we’ve published a lot of articles. The following 10 posts have been the most popular among our readers. Have a look and see if you missed any of these the first time around. This is Daniel Cook and Emily Yeung, grown up and giving advice to the … Continued

Developing movement skills at a young age is crucial to well-being

It is crucial that our children develop skills at an early age. Inactivity negatively impacts a very important feedback loop – children who are active develop movement skills; skill building boosts confidence; confident children are motivated to seek skill-building activities across a variety of situations. This feedback loop of skill, confidence, and motivation describes how … Continued

Free downloads

Print outs Infographic What is physical literacy? If you are educating parents on the concept for the first time, it can be tricky to communicate some of the nuances. This colourful infographic summarizes a lot of complex ideas into a simple format that parents will understand. You can either direct parents to the infographic webpage … Continued