Role models

This group of influential parents, coaches, and athletes are passionate about spreading the word about physical literacy.

Katie Allen

Shelley-Ann Brown

Joan Chand’oiseau

Cam Collyer

Chandra Crawford

Mark de Jonge

Gabriela Estrada

Maya Fitzpatrick

Antoine Valois-Fortier

Heather Gardiner

Travis Gerrits

Erica Gomez

Julia Greenshields

Erik Guay

Sherrie Mae Guthrie

Alex Harvey

Louise Hayes

Jenn Heil

Benoît Huot

Sekou Kaba

Mïkael Kingsbury

David Kittner

Tanya Koob

Dr. Dina Kulik

Kathryn Lagden

Holly La Rochelle

Silken Laumann

Deb Lowther

Diana Mancuso

Dai Manuel

Mandy Marchak

Philippe Marquis

Erin McLeod

Leigh Mitchell

Scott Moir

Glen Mulcahy

Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed

Tory NyHaug

Spencer O’Brien

John O’Sullivan

Maxence Parrot

Ellen Pennock

Lianne Phillipson

Jennifer Pinarski

Jennifer Powell

Anna Sherwood

Kathy Sima

Georgia Simmerling

Stephanie Slate

Kari Svenneby

Karen Ung

Jennifer van Oosten

Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma

Sara Vartanian

Tessa Virtue

Michael Woods

Dorothy (Dori) Yeats

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