The 5 best “daddy dancing” videos from summer 2014

The 5 best “daddy dancing” videos from summer 2014

I got a big kick out of watching the viral videos that rolled out this summer featuring dads dancing with their little kids.

You’ve probably seen some of these on Facebook, but I’ve rounded up my favourites and ranked them with my top pick, number 1, at the bottom of the list. Let me know if you agree with my choices. Here we go:

5. Daddy daughter dance off

Technically this video hasn’t gone viral yet but it’s worth the watch for its four enthusiastic dancers and the dad’s impressive improv skills.

4. Twin babies mimic their dad dancing

It’s never too early to be a good role model for your babies and it’s neat to see this dad paving the way for future dance parties and fun with his kids.

3. Daddy and daughter dancing to “Shake it Off”

This is really cute (despite the horse head mask…)

2. Daddy and daughter dancing after he gets home from work

I’ve got a big soft spot for these two and the giggling mom filming them.

1. Daddy-daughter dance off

It’s so cool that the daughter choreographed this dance and her dad is a great sport, amazing dancer, and an incredible role model.

While nothing could ever inspire me to film myself dancing and post it on the internet, I think I do feel a camera-free dance party brewing after watching these fun videos. Who’s with me? Someone cue up “Shake it Off”!

Did I miss one of your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

2 responses to “The 5 best “daddy dancing” videos from summer 2014

  1. This is the greatest thing to do in the morning, or anytime—-i love it and i am going to wake up and dance every morning—You can’t help but feel so happy and flexible

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