Brush up on your minor hockey knowledge with these 3 podcasts

Brush up on your minor hockey knowledge with these 3 podcasts

At Active for Life, we love giving parents and professionals quality resources and practical solutions for developing children’s physical literacy. A great new resource that we’re listening to is Breakaway: The Minor Hockey Podcast.

Created by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, the 30-minute podcast gives you access to some of the best and brightest minds in the game today. Each week, host Dan Pollard sits down with the leaders of hockey to discuss everything from scoring more goals to how to grow the game.

Here are our three favourite episodes from Breakaway.

Episode: Being a Responsible Sport Parent

Sheldon Kennedy, former NHLer and co-founder of Respect Group, discusses the Respect in Sport Parent program, the evolving role of parents in sport, and how we can all become agents for positive change.

Episode: Fast & Easy Pregame Meals

Hockey is a fast and demanding sport that requires proper nutrition before, during, and after play. Sport Dietician Heidi Smith discusses the foods that players should be eating before and on game day.

Episode: Parents Role in Player Development

Richard Monette, Active For Life’s editor-in-chief, talks about the role that parents play in their child’s athletic development. Notes also include a handy list of DO’s and DON’Ts for parents who want to help their child enjoy sports and learn great skills.

We encourage you to tune in to Breakaway and hope you find it as compelling as we do. Whether you have a child who plays or are merely interested in grassroots hockey, this podcast will bring you up to speed just in time to cheer on Canada in the World Junior Hockey Championship.

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