English soccer goes kid-friendly

Recent changes in Canadian youth sports that promote children’s physical literacy are starting to happen in other countries. The motherland of soccer, England, is making sweeping changes to kids’ “football”. The English Football Association (FA, for short) is officially backing a switch to small-sided mini games for kids, with an emphasis on developing skills and … Continued

June 15 is Nature Play Day

Here’s another reason to get outside. Friday, June 15 is Nature Play Day in Canada. The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada is encouraging all Canadians to get outdoors to experience the joys of outdoor play. We know the importance of playing outside. Children confident in both indoor and outdoor environments become active for life. We’ve … Continued

Disney limits junk food advertising

Children’s television just got a little healthier. Walt Disney Company will limit junk food advertising on the Disney Channel starting 2015, they announced this past Monday. “We want parents to know that the food products that we license and the ones promoted and advertised within our kids programming will be held to the same healthier … Continued

The problem with safe playgrounds

“The best thing a parent can give a child is the chance at a broken arm…” I can’t remember where I heard that. Or who said it. Although I thought it was harsh at first, I got to love the quote because I imagine that most broken arms in children are a result of falling … Continued

How to build a healthier, smarter student

This article is the second in a series of three at the Globe and Mail looking at children’s fitness and education. It poses the question “Are physically active kids better learners?” and discusses the state of physical education within the school system. It also describes how Canadian schools are just beginning to track the effect … Continued

Physical activity leads to better school grades

This article is the first in a series of three at the Globe and Mail on children’s fitness and education. It touches on the connection between physical activity and better school results. It also discusses efforts to get more physical activity into public schools across Canada. Finally, it introduces the concept of physical literacy as … Continued

50 things to do before you’re 12

Are your kids spending too much time indoors? The National Trust of England is taking a fresh approach to getting kids active outdoors by publishing a “bucket list” – 50 things to do in the outdoors before you are 11 ¾ years old! Bucket lists have become de rigueur for adults looking to cram excitement … Continued

Scrub baseball

It’s baseball season and there’s no better time to get outside with a bat and ball and your kids. You don’t need to be part of a league to play. Scrub baseball is fun with as few as six players. Just grab some friends, neighbours or cousins and get out to your local park. This … Continued

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