Do you know how to get kids moving? Take our quiz to find out

Do you know how to get kids moving? Take our quiz to find out

It’s a tricky business, getting kids moving. So we’ve come up with a fun, 30-second quiz to help you out. It’s informative and designed to show you how you can get your children active.

Online quizzes fall into a number of categories. There’s silly (What Chinese takeout are you?), funny (Which Muppet are you?), telling (Which pop diva are you?), and, depending on your opinion about Harry Potter, deadly serious (What house would the Hogwart’s Sorting Hat put you in?).

And then there’s our physical literacy quiz. We don’t tell you what “season” you are at the end of it like some of those daily distractions. Our takeaway is something you can use in real life: how you can help your kids be healthier and happier.

Because we know that:

  • only 7% of Canadian kids ages 5 to 11 are active enough
  • only 37% of Canadian parents engage in physically active play with their children on a regular basis
  • in Canada, kids ages 5 to 11 are sedentary for more than 7 hours each day

We also know that physical literacy can change things.

The quiz, developed in partnership with RBC as part of its Learn to Play project for kids, is about introducing the concept of physical literacy to parents, and educating them about its importance.

Do you know how to get kids moving? The answer is only a hop, skip, and jump away.

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