Enter the great “Shared Purpose” challenge

On October 22 and 23, 2015, over 500 teachers, coaches, recreation leaders, and community health professionals attended the Physical and Health Literacy Conference in Halifax.

Coordinated by Sport Nova Scotia and the Teachers Association for Physical and Health Education (TAPHE) the conference aimed to educate the participants about the importance of physical literacy and long-term athlete development (LTAD). The main topic of discussion was “how to ensure that children get active, stay active, and develop a life-long enjoyment of physical activity”.

One province, one shared purpose

One of the keynotes was delivered by Active for Life editor-in-chief Richard Monette. Richard shared his “Purpose Mapping” methodology as a way to engage the stakeholders across Nova Scotia to focus their energy toward a shared purpose.

In his presentation Richard proposed the “new normal” as a “temporary” purpose statement. He then challenged the audience to come up with a better purpose statement.

Enter the Shared Purpose challenge

Anyone can enter the “Shared Purpose” challenge sponsored by Sport Nova Scotia. It’s easy to enter:

  1. Review the draft Purpose Map proposed during Monette’s keynote
  2. Review the criteria of a good purpose
  3. Email your suggestion to Sport Nova Scotia with your contact information.

Sport Nova Scotia will choose one purpose statement and the person or organization that submitted the entry will receive a great gift package.

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