What is Active for Life?

Active for Life is a national movement about physical literacy. We are the place where parents go for their kids’ health and success. About Active for Life.

What is physical literacy?

Physical literacy refers to the ability to perform a variety of movement skills such as running, jumping and throwing. Being physically literate is the foundation for being successful in sport and in life, and leads to a life of activity. And as the word “literacy” implies, just like reading, writing and arithmetic, movement skills need to be taught.

What skills should my child know?

Forget sugar and spice and frogs and snails, we know what active kids are made of. Running and jumping. Climbing and throwing. These types of movement skills are the basis of physical literacy. And children with physical literacy are capable of anything. Check out our skills builder to see what fundamental skills a kid needs to be confident and have fun playing a variety of sports.

How much physical activity do kids need?

Children and youth need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. “Vigorous” activity is intense enough to get kids breathing hard and sweating. Check out the top five reasons kids play sports.