Help your kids get ready for activity with this fun, focussed warm-up

The more fitness classes I take, the more I’ve realized the right warm-up routine can be the difference between finishing strong and completely losing steam mid-class.

Kids, while seemingly full of boundless energy, are not different. A great warm-up gets them pumped in a good way, helping them channel their natural instincts to get-up-and-move more productively.

Ever Active Schools has created a fabulous, fun warm-up for phys-ed classes called the Move and Shake warm-up. But it’s great for parents to use with their kids at home as well, either before other physical activities like skating, tobogganing, biking, or swimming, or as a fun indoor activity for days when you need to get them moving but are stuck inside.

Featuring activities like shuffle, twist, bounce, and wiggle, amongst many others, the routine was designed to help facilitate physical literacy and encourage activity, and as an added bonus helps young children with their reading skills as well. You may want to add your own warm-up ideas to it, depending on your child’s age and interests, but it’s a great tool for getting the whole family excited about activity. Check it out.

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