Nine-year-old girl loses 65 pounds

Heidi Bond of Clovis, California is successfully helping her daughter Breanna fight child obesity. After being 186 pounds at age nine, Breanna has shed 65 pounds in the past year through healthy nutrition and regular physical activity with her mother. CNN reported on Breanna’s story:

Breanna and her mother now work out at least an hour and 15 minutes every day. Breanna has also joined a swim team, a competitive cheer team and a basketball team to stay active.

While the Bond family was always in the habit of eating nutritious home-cooked meals, Breanna’s eating habits were less ideal away from home. She also shunned physical activity. Her ensuing weight gain caused her all of the emotional distress that one could imagine as kids began calling her “chubby” and “fatty-o”.

Heidi Bond eventually had to implement some serious tough-love to ensure her daughter became active. But she also recognized that she had to be an active parent role model in the process if her daughter was going to experience the benefits of physical activity.

They started by walking four miles as a family four days each week, and now Breanna is essentially meeting the standard daily activity requirements for a child her age through all of her various additional activities.

Breanna’s story shows how tough it is to fight obesity, but it also shows that it can be done when parents commit themselves to the cause.

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