Belle Kenworthy is a member of the Pink Helmet Posse, a girls-only skateboard group

Girls skateboarding where few girls have gone before

If news of a “posse” of six-year-old skateboarders doesn’t get your attention, then maybe knowing this posse is made up only of girls will.

GrindTV shares a colourful story about the “Pink Helmet Posse”, a trio of girls, all 6, who are going where few girls (and none this young) have gone before: the skatepark. They are fearless here, and clearly they love it.

While you may not be quite ready to let your 6-year-old do an 11 foot “drop in” down the side of empty pool there are still some great things to learn from Bella, Relz, and Sierra about the importance of being active with your kids. Not just to get them excited about physical activity from a young age, but also to lead them to other benefits of playing sports like high camaraderie and boosted self-confidence.

One thing all these girls had in common was an early introduction to sport – and the fun of it – through their parents.

Bella’s dad, a professional surf and skate photographer, took toddler Bella with him on photo shoots. Sierra’s dad – a professional surfer – put her on the front of his longboard “since she was tiny”, helping her to get used to being on the board and to going fast. Relz’s big family was already doing lots of organized sport. Relz just took to skateboarding after her parents signed the whole family up for skate lessons.

The girls aren’t planning on stopping any time soon, either. They want other girls to take up boarding, too. Their message is: “We’re here. There’s a lot more coming. Get used to it.”

As Sierra’s confidence increases, she’s trying tricks that even grown men won’t try. And while her dad admits his daughter’s enthusiasm sometimes freaks him out, he also says, “to see how fast they’re progressing by pushing each other is amazing.”

Relz’s dad adds, “watching your 6-year-old daughter hit tile in a 13-foot bowl, that is pretty cool. But watching her confidence grow – not just with skating, but in life – that’s even better. If that’s all she ever gets out of skating then we’ve succeeded.”

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