Grandma’s secret: take the little ones outside! 

Grandma’s secret: take the little ones outside! 

A lovely post by Avery Cleary for the Children & Nature Network, explores how the outdoors has enriched her relationship with her grandchildren. Ms. Cleary shows us that grandparents can be role models for an active lifestyle just as much as parents, sports stars, or elite athletes ― and sometimes with greater impact.

As a grandmother she has introduced her grandchildren to the natural world around them, fostering their love for nature and developing their imaginations. She has also found that it is a secret weapon for those difficult parenting moments like the “pre-dinner meltdown,” or the “can’t fall asleep” times.

But not all of us have grandparents supporting us while we juggle life with young children. So whether it’s with a friend, babysitter, neighbour, or ourselves, this story is a reminder that our little ones need lots of outdoor time to be happy.

You can read the original article here.

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