Infants are calmer with regular time outdoors

As all new parents eventually come to realize, sometimes your infant just won’t settle. You’ve changed her diaper. Offered her milk and toys. Turned the TV on and off, then done the same with the stereo, but still she cries and fusses. And if it’s not illness that troubles her, then what?

Perhaps your infant just needs some outdoor time, as this Outdoor Nation article suggests.

The article’s author, DJ Brown, says that when his infant son was irritable, a quick trip outside was sure to calm the child down. It didn’t matter what time of the day or night it was, or even whether the rain fell or the wind blew—fresh air just did the trick. Even now, with his son at age 2, Brown still correlates his child’s mood, sleeping patterns and concentration levels with the amount of time he’s spent outside.

So the next time your infant is cranky and nothing seems to soothe her, try taking her outside. If you make this a regularity for your infant now, she’ll be more likely to want to go outside to play when she’s older. Besides, it’s an excuse for you to get out of the house as well.

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