Justin Bieber: The physically literate superstar

Justin Bieber: The physically literate superstar

Canadian teen superstar Justin Bieber is known for hit songs like “Baby” and his concert film Never Say Never. On stage, he’s a great dancer and commands attention with his physical charisma.

But growing up, Justin didn’t just spend all his time singing and dancing. He was also really active in sports like soccer, basketball, skateboarding and hockey.

You can see his basketball skills in action as he goes one-on-one with his mentor, R&B singer Usher.

Justin’s singing, physical presence and all-round stage performance are enhanced by the fact that he played a diversity of sports when he was younger. He knows how to move his body on stage because he developed his movement skills as a child.

And the confidence he gained from playing sports has helped him maintain his poise as he faces mobs of teenage girls, takes the stage at Madison Square Garden and performs for President Obama.

Justin’s star might just burn a little brighter because he had the right start in sports.

The fact that he still has fun playing basketball and skateboarding means he’ll probably be active for life.

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