Keep girls in sport

Do you have a daughter? This short video is sure to stir your emotions.

On the 40th anniversary of Title IX becoming law in the United States, the Women’s Sports Foundation and Gatorade have released the powerful advertisement about keeping girls in sport. It’s a serious issue that should give all parents pause to think.

The sad reality is that girls drop out of sport and physical activity much faster than boys. These startling statistics provide a sobering picture if you have girls.

There are ways to support girls in sports and physical activity, but it takes conscious effort on the part of parents and coaches. Media such as this advertisement from the Women’s Sport Foundation are a step in the right direction.

Fight fire with fire? These types of ads and videos may represent our best chance of pushing back against the common portrayal of women in popular media.

Do you prefer the Gatorade video or the one from Nike?

About Title IX

Far more girls play sports in the United States today than they did before the 1970s because of a special law known as Title IX.

June 23, 2012 marked the 40th anniversary of Title IX being signed into law by President Richard Nixon. The law took firm aim at removing sexual discrimination in education programs and activities.

One of the major outcomes has been far greater access for girls in high school and collegiate sport, and the subsequent shift in societal values that is a result of it.

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  1. I love both spots. The Gatorade video gives me goosebumps every time I watch it and the Nike spot is incredibly moving and empowering. They are both so well done and important messages for kids, young women and parents.

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