10 tips for parents: Keeping your feet (cleats or skates) firmly on the ground

Working with others. Group dynamics. Teamwork. Kids learn these valuable skills – which are important on and off the field – when they participate in quality team sport programs.

But while kids are meeting friends, learning new sport skills and becoming physically literate, parents are also learning how youth sports and activities operate.

A sporty parent offers their 10 tips on how to stay grounded, (it’s about developing skill and being active, not winning every match).

What’s your best tip on how parents can improve team sports?

My kids are athletic. A trait most definitely not inherited from me. I come from a long line of people who prefer not to sweat, exert ourselves, or run– unless we are being chased by an angry knife wielding bear, and even then we may just lie down and hope for the best. Somehow I gave birth to people who love nothing more than being physically active. Full story

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