Let your children have a summer of play

July 26, 2012 1 Comment »
Let your children have a summer of play

We have a big idea for kids this summer: Play.

Let your kids play. Play outdoors. Play with friends. Play dress-up. Play for fun.

It sounds simple, but have you scheduled time for unscheduled play this summer? David Elkind, a leading child development expert says, “play is essential to positive human development.”

He’s recognized three different types of play:

  • Play teaching concepts and skills.
  • Play initiating children into the world of peer relations.
  • Play developing strategies for managing stress.

A big part in staying active for life is enjoying activity. By letting your son or daughter explore their own interests while having fun, they’re developing valuable life skills.

All of our well-meaning attempts to fill up our children’s summer with enriching activities may actually be harming them. Here is why we need to back off a little and let them just be kids. Full story

What’s your favourite childhood summer memory? Share it in the comments.




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  1. Amanda-Beth December 11, 2013 at 12:35 am - Reply

    My favorite summer memory while it really is 3 summer memories but tja favorite is the last but to understand it you need other two memories. I was 2 1/2 this memory returns at mere smell of wood grandpa built me a little club house i was his big little helper. I call it club house cause it wasn’t in a tree. It was just awesome to a 2 yr old to hand grandpa nails and watch him hammer wood. A few years later i was 9 i think joys if November bday my next door neighbor he was like 2 yrs younger then me and wanted us to have club house i nailed those boards together under daddy’s watchful eyes not once did i hit my thumb. It was the most awesome thing to know that wood floor we layed on and talked at times i built and had blast building it. What was more awesome when i was about 16 i taught siblings how to make one at 6 and 9 even if their work didn’t last long they begin rebuilding it every year and now they know some basic wood working skills even if they used knowledge few years later to risk their own lifes come winter.

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