This might be the most “Canadian” image we’ve seen in a long time

A moose. A toque. An igloo. Politeness. Canadian clichés abound, and one that is completely justified is our love of hockey. So what else, during this time of unrest around the world, could heal and unite us better than the above photo of two Mounties (Cliché? Check.) playing hockey with a group of neighbourhood kids.

Patricia Slaney-Holloway, who captured the image, after finding the RCMP in her Glovertown, Newfoundland, driveway, told the CBC, “They’ve done it a couple of times before. One of the police officers actually used to carry his ball hockey stick in the back of his car.”

Truly, this is what it’s all about, being outside, playing hockey with your good friends, and yes, wearing your warmest toque. Beavers not included.

Photo by Patricia-Slaney Holloway

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