“Move more, live longer”: How other countries get the message across

“Move more, live longer”: How other countries get the message across

At Active for Life, we promote physical literacy as a path for children’s health and success, but we also believe in delivering the cold, hard facts about the crisis. It’s one reason the public service announcement “Recess” was created.

It turns out that Canadians are not alone in worrying about the health of children. Other countries are also working to raise awareness about the importance of getting children to adopt healthy living habits.

In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service commissioned the creators of Wallace and Gromit to develop a series of videos in support of Change4Life.

Here’s a humorous one that jokes about how “we love the little blighters”.

And another that stresses the importance of getting children active at a young age.

In the United States, the state of Georgia’s campaign to stop childhood obesity is called Strong4Life.


Strong4Life has a number of videos focusing on kids who are becoming success stories. Others feature doctors and researchers sharing information about the problem, like this one: 80 percent of obese children are likely to become obese adults (New England Journal of Medicine study, 2011).

The approach may differ, but the message is the same: children deserve better.

What do you think about the humorous and dramatic strategies?

Share your thoughts. We’ll publish some of your feedback in an upcoming issue.

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