My 15-month-old son climbed the Christmas tree

My 15-month-old son climbed the Christmas tree

My son is 15-months-old and we have been working on Active for Life activities with him for a year.

My wife and I are constantly amazed at how quickly he has been learning the physical skills. It’s proof that learning fundamental movement skills early leads to a physically capable kid.

My son’s balance is a big shocker. When I’m lying on the floor he, with his mischievous grin, can stand with one foot on my belly, bracing himself with the other foot against the coffee table, holding a sippy cup to his mouth with one hand so he can reach his sister’s hair with the other hand and give her that brotherly tug of “your attention please”.

That he can climb up and stand on the jiggly holiday bump that is my stomach is a feat in itself.

His climbing ability is why our Christmas tree was decorated with ornaments on the top half and bows and ribbons on the bottom. We were playing it safe. Or so we thought.

Little did we know that this mini-King Kong had the ability to climb up on the arm of the sofa, reach out over the cavernous gap between the couch and the tree to pluck out one of our golden pine cone ornaments. For a snack.

After hearing a crunch followed by a concerned sister yelling his name, my wife had discovered the little scallywag beside the tree with a mouthful of gold ornament.

After the tour to the hospital for x-rays we were very relieved to find out that our boy had not swallowed any glass. To add, he was surprisingly chipper for being up so late.

Chuckling in the aftermath, we are a little upset that we didn’t take a snapshot of the grinning boy who looked like he was a gold toothed rapper straight out of the 1990s.

There is a moral to my Christmas tale: If you are teaching your child to be physical literate, be prepared for anything!

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