Nova Scotia kids get to catch a ride on the Fun Van this summer

Nova Scotia kids get to catch a ride on the Fun Van this summer

Move over ice cream man. Cape Breton has a vehicle that is even more exciting for kids than the Mr. Softee truck.

Active for Life is a proud partner of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) Fun Van program this summer. The Fun Van, blaring kid-friendly music and decorated in colourful decals (including our own Active for Life logo), will be pulling into parks and playgrounds across Cape Breton Regional Municipality this summer.

The van’s first stop is on Canada Day, as part of the celebrations at Petersfield Park, Westmount and Queen Elizabeth Park, York Street, and Glace Bay.

Frank Bruleigh, CBRM’s Recreation Manager says that this program is the first of its kind in Canada that is supported by the principles of long-term athlete development and the concept of physical literacy, and that “[the] goal is to encourage children and their parents to be active for life.”

At each destination the Fun Van team will put on two hours of free programming for kids. In addition to lots of other fun games and activities, they will include a Run, Jump, Throw program that helps kids develop fundamental movement skills while having … you guessed it … FUN!

The program encourages children to participate in sport and introduces skills in a fun, safe, and self-esteem building environment, regardless of their ability. Gymnastics Cape Breton will also be on hand with a Tumble bug program, which introduces gymnastics for children emphasizing basic movement and modified gymnastics that is fun, safe, and inclusive.

Dates will be posted before the tour kicks off so that families will be able to plan to meet the Van when it’s in their ‘hood, but expect the music and spectacle of the van’s arrival to get more kids running to join in the games. The Fun Van program will also feature trail days, bike days, day camps, and water fun days. Participants are encouraged to take sneakers, water, and sunscreen when participating in the Fun Van program.

In addition to Active for Life, other partners in the Fun Van include Riverview Y’s Men Youth Centre, Cape Breton Track and Field, Sport Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Department of Wellness, and Canadian Sport for Life. The Fun Van program has been operating for over 30 years.

For more information about the CBRM Active for Life Fun Van, contact the coordinators:

  • Emma at 902-574-1281
  • Tara at 902-574-2092

Image © 2014 Cyril MacDonald

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