Ontario Basketball partners with Active for Life to promote physical literacy

Ontario Basketball has partnered with Active for Life to educate parents and coaches about physical literacy and long-term athlete development (LTAD).

“Ontario Basketball has been working hard to align its programs with Canada Basketball’s LTAD,” explained Jason Jansson, executive director of Ontario Basketball. “Now we must educate our stakeholders so that they become familiar with LTAD and its recommendations for developing athletes. Our partnership with Active for Life provides us with a platform to communicate our shared message about the importance of developing physical literacy.”

The first product of the partnership was the creation of a postcard that will be distributed to parents of the approximately 4,000 young athletes competing at Ontario Basketball’s provincial championships this spring, as well as participants in other grassroots programs and events throughout the year.

Guest post by Katrina Krawec

Katrina is passionate about promoting healthy, active lifestyles and being active for life. By day, she works to educate Ontario’s basketball community about physical literacy and long-term athlete development. By night she applies this knowledge as a youth sport instructor.

The postcard describes how physical literacy, developed through participation in a variety of sports and activities in a fun environment, sets the foundation for later success in sport. It also lists the benefits associated with physical activity, like increased confidence and improved social skills, that help kids experience success off the court.

The postcard encourages parents to learn more about physical literacy by visiting the newly-created Active for Life basketball page.

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