Outdoor activities offer most “pleasure per penny”

Outdoor activities offer most “pleasure per penny”

Outdoor play not only encourages physical development and active habits; it’s friendly on the wallet and still popular, too.

Conducted in Great Britain, a new Sainsbury’s survey of children aged five to eleven finds that outdoor activities give kids the greatest amount of “pleasure per penny.”

In compiling the list of activities, the survey asked children to rank various summer activities in terms of how they feel about them and compared the answers to the financial cost of doing the activities.

“Play date in the garden or park” topped the list, while nine of the top ten were outdoor activities.

Other popular “pleasure per penny” activities included having a water fight, building a den in the park or garden, riding bikes, playing games like hide and seek and climbing a tree.

The survey found indoor activities like playing on the computer and pricier outings like going to the zoo to be less popular on the “pleasure per penny” index.

You can see the rest of the list at The Mersey Forest’s write-up on the survey.

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