Participaction's latest campaign is Bring Back Play

Participaction launches new website, new initiative

Since the early 1970s, Participaction has been a part of Canadian society as a promoter of good health and wellness through physical activity. The organization has just revealed a new website and campaign.

Highlights of the revamped website include:

  • an archive which has past ad campaigns and videos
  • a blog
  • lists of programs and events from across Canada

At the same time, Participaction has launched the Bring Back Play campaign, which aims to inspire parents of young children, aged 5 through 12, to get their kids more active.

The Bring Back Play website is optimized for mobile devices and provides activity ideas organized by age, type of play space available, number of players and required equipment.

Some old-school favourites include Capture the Flag, Foursquare, Red Light, Green Light and What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

Bring Back Play is about encouraging unstructured active play.

Participaction president and CEO Kelly Muruments was in Vancouver recently to launch Bring Back Play with Healthy Families B.C. “We definitely have an inactivity crisis in the country,” she said at the event.

And Participaction is part of the solution.

2 responses to “Participaction launches new website, new initiative

  1. Good Day,
    I work at the head office of a non profit Nursery School. We have 4 locations in the Winchester Ontario area.
    I was wondering if you have a representative in our area that would volunteer to come into the Nursery School sites and talk about the importance of exercise with our children. Our children range in age from newborn to 12 years.
    If so, we have the week of August 12 to 16, 2019 scheduled as a Sports Theme
    Please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you!!

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