PISE brings physical literacy to school

PISE brings physical literacy to school

Physical literacy programs are designed to teach movement skills to kids that help them develop into confident, healthy human beings. Fitting them into your child’s day can be a challenge, but the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) is coming up with new ways to bring physical literacy to them.

The organization recently announced the expansion of its physical literacy programs to two Victoria, B.C., elementary schools. Working with the Government of British Columbia’s After School Sports Initiative, Saanich Parks and Recreation and the Victoria Foundation, PISE will run in- and after-school game sessions at Craigflower Elementary and Tillicum Community Schools. The programs are intended to help students learn fundamental movement and sport skills.

PISE is also bringing physical literacy playschool groups to the Cridge Centre for the Family.

The announcement builds on PISE’s weekend program, ABC’s of Physical Literacy. In April, program director Andrea Carey said she wanted to see more physical literacy programs in schools.

The program’s expansion to schools speaks to public acknowledgment of the benefits of physical literacy and suggests that public-sector groups and non-profit organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of physical literacy for children and their parents.

Organizations such as PISE are proving that school-based physical literacy programming is possible.

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