Play it! Plastic egg toss

Play it! Plastic egg toss

While a little extra chocolate might be impossible to avoid this weekend, the Easter holiday also provides a great opportunity to engage in activities with your child. If you have plastic eggs and empty water bottles kicking around the house, the plastic egg toss is a good way to get your child throwing and aiming.

Things you will need

Plastic eggs and recyclable water bottles. A razor knife or box cutter with which to cut the bottles, and some tape to hold the bottles together. An open space free of obstacles. A dry erase board can be useful for keeping score, though not necessary.


Cut the empty water bottles about two inches down from the top. Because the bottles are light and easy to knock over, hold them together with a strip of tape. You can use as many or as few bottles as you like, but tape them together so that there’s not too much empty space around them. Mark a spot for the Egg Tosser to stand and get started.

How to play

  1. The Egg Tosser does just that – tosses eggs and tries to land them in the bottles.
  2. If you have a scoreboard, you can keep track of your child’s successes. Or, better yet, have your child mark the score themselves.
  3. To make the game easier or more challenging, move the tossing line closer to or farther away from the bottles. Also, if your child is looking to test their accuracy, you can give certain bottles a higher value so that your child aims for them

With this activity your child can toss the plastic eggs from various distances while working on their accuracy, and you get to reuse some of the plastic that’s lying around. Plus, you’re staying true to the Easter theme.

Suggested age

3–9 years

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