How boxing is helping battle the effects of Parkinson’s Disease

How boxing is helping battle the effects of Parkinson’s Disease

People with Parkinson’s Disease are fighting back. Literally.

Earlier this year, CBC’s The National traveled to a boxing gym in Indianapolis, Indiana where a new technique to attack Parkinson’s Disease has been developed. It’s called Rock Steady Boxing, a training program based on boxing that uses high-energy physical activity (no one actually gets hit) to help reduce symptoms.

More than 100,000 Canadians live with Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative disease that causes tremors, slow and stiff movement and impaired balance. While drugs can ease some symptoms for a while, there is no cure.

But as The National reports, “big powerful punches, drills that emphasize balance and the need for speed quick movements are especially suited for people with Parkinson’s at any level no matter how far the disease has progressed.”

In fact, a study that tracked the physical activity of a small group of people with Parkinson’s over a two-year period showed that the boxers experienced positive effects of the training program compared to those who did other types of training.

The news story explains that “their balance was better, they could walk faster. They had more endurance. And they reported that their overall quality of life was better.”

The benefits of the workouts go beyond the physical aspect. For so many of its participants, the training program provides support and camaraderie. “Everyone is battling the same enemy.”

Rock Steady Boxing is now available in Toronto.

While the relationship between activity and health may seem like a tired axiom, we believe it bares repeating; this program further demonstrates just how important regular physical activity can be to overall well-being.

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  1. I am a 51 year old female that just found out I have Parkinson’s about a year and half, but I have been having signs of it for years, tremors, depression, body weakness. ECT. I honestly don’t think my doctor was reading the signs because of my gender and age. A few years ago I had my shoulder lock up on me and I was sent to a P.T since x-rays didn’t show any physical damage. My shaking was getting worse and I began falling. Only when my speech became so bad that it brought concern to my dentist was Parkinson’s even considered. He phoned my doctor with his concerns about my shaking and balance problems. By this time I was forgoing shots in the back of my neck for back and neck pain to which once again I was sent to a P.T (although x-rays showed no damage) I was told I had a few spurs which were most likely causing the pain. Here I was feeling like my whole body was falling apart and doctor could not find anything wrong, maybe in was all in my head? My doctor even seemed annoyed with me and things just kept progressing and I just kept it to myself, why bother going through testing and them finding nothing? Well, it was after my second P.T called my doctor about the weakness in my legs and arms, by this time I have developed a gait in my walk and I fell more frequently. Only then did my doctor send me to a specialist and it was found that I had Parkinson’s, and that I have had it for awhile. I think because I was a woman that my signs and symptoms weren’t taken seriously and therefor left untreated for so long,I was taking pramipexole dihydrochloride three times daily, I Was on carbidopa levodopa but only lasted 90 minutes then wore off.I found that none of the current medications worked effective for me.I got tired of using those medication so I decided to apply natural herbs formula that was prescribed to me by my second P.T, i purchase the herbal formula from totalcureherbsfoundation. com, There has been huge progression ever since I start the treatment plan which will last for 15 weeks usage.all the symptoms and sign has begin to disappear .

    1. Thanks for sharing. This is story of my husband for last 5 years.
      Which urbanlformula did you purchase. Please share.

    2. Thank you for sharing. We are in similar situation. Do you mind if I ask for the contact info of your second PT? ( who recommended the totalcureurbsfoundation) My husband has developed Parkinsonism that is a little different , but still is progressing.
      I appreciate it very much.
      May G-d bless you

  2. I am a 56 year old women who was diagnosed in 2014 with Parkinson’s.I have struggled since to find an activity that suits me.I figure skated when younger,to the horror of my family,I decided to give it a try again.I always enjoyed the sense of freedom,so to speak of skating,gliding on the ice.It has made a huge difference in my balance and mobility.That core strength is so important!!! Something to consider fellow Parkinson’s sufferers?!

  3. After my Parkinsons Disease diagnosis, my neurologist was very open when looking at alternative medicines and procedures, with his guidance i started on natural PARKINSONS DISEASE TREATMENT from Rich Herbs Foundation. The treatment worked very effectively for my Parkinson’s, most of my severe symptoms simply vanished within the first 3 months on the treatment, i feel better now than I have felt in years and i can feel my strength again.

    1. Great!! I had an MRI weeks ago and visit specialist in 2 mos. Pls., I don’t know what to do anymore, and have sore wrist from falling many times, at least once per month.

  4. 65 yo with PD, very active ,low dose drug therapy. I am interested in rock steady boxing. class in Boothbay Harbor Me which is an hour south of me

    1. Hi Rosaleen, as I mentioned to the other commenter with a similar question, we don’t know of and can’t recommend any specific boxing gyms. Good luck with your research and we hope you find one!

    1. Hi Ron, we don’t know of specific boxing gyms but if you do some research and find a good one feel free to comment here and let people know.

  5. Just about any boxing gym will welcome you and help you with your goals. Boxing gyms are the best place to find yourself, meditate and get in shape. I have parkinsons and really noticed a difference in my symptoms. Don’t be intimidated to walk into a boxing gym. Good fighters are humble and respectful….a true judgement free zone.

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