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Resource: Recognizing when preschoolers are “ready” to learn

As a parent or child caregiver, you probably know the ages when children are expected to crawl or walk. But do you know when children should be socially ready to share? Emotionally ready to express feelings? Or cognitively ready to follow simple instructions?

When children are not developmentally ready, there are many things they won’t be able to do, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As adults, our job is to know the ages when children should be developmentally ready. Then, we can use kindergarten social skills ready kits to provide appropriate opportunities for them to learn and develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills at those times in early childhood.

The I’m Ready series of booklets helps parents and child caregivers to understand the key ages of readiness in early childhood development. Created by the Calgary and Area Early Childhood Development coalitions of the First 2000 Days Network, these booklets assist parents and caregivers in recognizing the right times to provide the right learning opportunities to help children to “thrive by five.” By having the right opportunities at the right times in the early years, children develop the right skills for successful entry into preschool and a solid foundation for their long-term health of body and mind.

The I’m Ready series includes three booklets addressing three age groups: 18 months, three years, and five years. All three booklets are available in English and French, and the age five booklet is available in Spanish. You can read the booklets online in PDF format at the First 2000 Days Network website, but any individuals or groups who also desire print copies can order them online from the same webpage.

The First 2000 Days Network also welcomes web visitors to share the booklets with their own online communities by sharing direct links to the PDFs.

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