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Coaches across Canada are vowing to keep sport safer than ever. Here’s how you can get involved

The Coaching Association of Canada has launched a project that could have a big impact on kids’ sports. It’s called the Responsible Coaching Movement, and here’s why it’s so important for parents and coaches to know about it.

Taking a pledge to keep sport safe

The Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) invites coaches and sport organizations across the country to learn and apply consistent safety measures for the benefit of everyone involved in sport. By understanding its three distinct pillars—the Rule of Two, ethics training, and background screening—the goal is to get everyone on the same page, and make it easier to create a positive sports environment.

More than 1,000 organizations have already taken the RCM pledge

In just a short time, many sport organizations across the country have already made the commitment to keeping sport safer. Whether you’re a coach, parent, or volunteer, it’s simple to get involved. 

What you can do

It starts with spreading the word about making sport safe and fun for everyone. Tell your association about the Responsible Coaching Movement, and ask them to join by taking the pledge on the website.

To make it easy to bring a safer sport environment to your organization, the site also provides resources, templates, checklists, and useful links. 

Find out more about RCM: 

As parents, coaches, and volunteers, we all have a role to play to ensure that sport can remain safe, smart and secure for everyone. Check out for all the details.

Read more about safe sport:

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