Richard Monette tells radio listeners the importance of physical literacy

Richard Monette, Active for Life’s editor-in-chief, is always happy to discuss the concept of physical literacy in Canada. Just before the 2013 International Physical Literacy Conference in April, he shared the message with 106.5 Mountain FM’s morning show announcer, Rob Murray.

“Physical literacy, simply put, is when kids acquire a collection of basic movement skills, things like running, jumping, skipping, catching, kicking and so on that allows them later in life to practice a diversity of physical activity,” said Monette.

He pointed out how the increasingly sedentary lifestyles of our children is a growing problem: they are less physically active, less involved in sport, and spend more time in front of the screen – sometimes as much as eight or nine hours of screen time a day. By being less active, kids are ultimately becoming more sick.

“The issue is also that parents don’t know what to do in response to the situation,” he said. “I would like every parent out there, especially new parents, to know that it’s really easy to get engaged with your kid in order for them to become physically literate. It’s as simple as engaging in fun games that also teach fundamental skills.”

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