Oh, behave: Can’t you see the signs?

Oh, behave: Can’t you see the signs?

In the parenting world, there are 3 types of personalities you hope you never have to deal with: the condescending know-it-all, the Debbie Downer, and deadliest of all, the Sportsmonster.

You’ve seen him before. Has a clipboard but isn’t in charge. Knows the stats of every player in little league. And when his kid’s team messes up, you haven’t seen a tantrum this pitiful since your 2-year-old didn’t get his snack.

Oh, but it’s not just guys. Whether its at a soccer game, dance class, or t-ball practice, moms can heckle with the best of them.

So it comes as no surprise hockey rinks are now putting up signs like the one above, stating the obvious.

What the signs don’t show is what parents behaviour is actually saying to children, and maybe those are worth putting up, too. Just imagine:

  • When you criticize me, you hurt my feelings.
  • When you laugh or jeer at my teammate, I learn it’s ok to be cruel to others.
  • When you get mad at the team for losing, I realize that winning is all that matters.
  • When you shame a player, my understanding of the importance of teamwork s diminished.
  • When you demean me in front of my friends and teammates, you embarrass me.
  • When you yell like that, I grow up thinking it’s ok to make a scene when things don’t go my way.
  • sunny_PortPerry_minorhockey_400When you are mad at how I play, I come to believe you will only value me when I succeed.
  • When you scream at coaches, I think it’s ok to blame others.
  • The more you rage, the less fun it is, and I want to stop playing.

Okay, one more:

  • When you make a spectacle of yourself, you look like a #$%^& !

Parents, think carefully before you open your mouth. You’re a role model for your children; the only thing you should be doing loudly is cheering them on.

Let’s raise awareness and be part of the solution, not the problem: whenever you see one of these spot-on signs, send us a pic via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or email.

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