Should boys be allowed to roughhouse with girls?

Should boys be allowed to roughhouse with girls?

Mothers of sons, do you let your toddlers roughhouse with their friends that are girls? Next time you’re tempted to tell them to stop, you may want to think again.

Writer Lyz Lenz, is one mom who is sick of her toddler, who happens to be female, being left out of rough play with boys. And it’s not the kids who are leaving her out but the mothers of the boys who are consistently saying “Hey, we don’t play wild with girls!” as soon as the play turns “a little rowdy”.

In an effort to raise kind, gentle, and respectful boys we may be sending some unintended messages not only to our boys but to our girls as well.

Cheering from the sidelines might be fun some of the time, but everyone should have a chance to get in the action if they want to. And if the play is safe enough and appropriate for boys we have to stop and think about what makes it wrong for girls.

Giving girls and boys equal opportunity and exposure to physical activity and moving is critical for their physical literacy and this includes the type of play we encourage.

Check out Lyz’s story and see if you agree that perhaps it’s time to change the way we think about how girls and boys play.

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