Watch this video and you’ll find yourself sitting up straighter

Watch this video and you’ll find yourself sitting up straighter

Sitting in front of screens has become a universal issue for families around the globe. Adults and children alike are damaging their backs, necks, wrists, and more from too much time working on laptops in improper positions.

In 2011, Vodacom, an African communications company, produced a wordless PSA that speaks to the international language of slouch.

Yes, I said 2011, and yes, that’s a long time ago. But the video has only just captured our attention with its awesomeness and we’re hoping it will gain the momentum it deserves.

You literally cannot help but sit up straighter and adjust yourself as you watch and it’s so easy to understand that kids will also get its messages right away.

Our favourite part of the video is the 30/30 rule: after 30 minutes of screen time you should engage in 30 minutes of physical activity. In this case, a family goes for a bike ride.

Helping parents solve new world problems isn’t always easy but Vodacom nails it by communicating simple solutions in the clearest way possible. We want to see way more like this, please.

Check it out yourself, then show it your kids, and then go for a bike ride.

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