Statscan: A third of Canadian children overweight or obese

September 21, 2012 1 Comment »
Statscan: A third of Canadian children overweight or obese

New Statistics Canada data shows Canadian children still aren’t doing enough to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

The agency’s most recent Canadian Health Measures Survey found about a third of Canadian children to be overweight or obese. While the survey’s results show no significant change from past years’, the report still condemns the numbers, stating, “The estimates remain high and are a public health concern, given the tendency for excess weight in childhood to persist through to adulthood.”

In CBC News’ story on the report, the network’s medical contributor Dr. Karl Kabasele blames children’s inactive lifestyles, as well as poor eating habits, for the continuous trend in childhood obesity.

“The food industry and the processed foods have kind of created this environment where it’s so easy to get calories,” said Kabasele. “Kids are playing video games, watching TV, not getting out and exercising. So all of these factors are kind of conspiring against kids despite our best efforts.

“The medical community has to work hand in hand with parents, with the food industry, with government regulators to figure out the best way to kind of reduce this obesogenic environment that kids are growing up in.”

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