Keep your kids moving this summer with our activity calendar

What does summer look like at your house? Maybe your kids go to camp or are in daycare. Maybe you have a caregiver hanging out with them, or maybe it’s just you and them footloose and fancy free. Did we mention there’s an extra week of summer this year?

No need to hide in the bathroom while kids are on the other side of the locked door whimpering (or perhaps yelling) “I’m bored!” Nope, this summer we have you covered. Because after you’ve exhausted all the activities that make summer, well, summer, you may find yourself looking for some creative ideas that will keep them off the couch and using their brains.

And because we love you (and your kids), this year we’ve teamed up with our friends and partners at KetchupMoms to bring you an amazing grab-bag of fun and enriching activities for kids of all ages.

The activities range from old fashioned ones like writing an actual letter (gasp) and learning how to do the twist, to colourful nature walks and making eco-friendly gift bags. From stargazing to scavenger hunts to science experiments. Whether they’re exercising their mind, body, or creativity, your kids will think you’re a genius and we say, take the credit.

Plan ahead or pull out this printable calendar in a moment of need. Happy summer everyone. We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

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