Surf’s up for Reese Witherspoon and her kids

If you’re looking for fun ways to make sure your kids stay physically active over the Holidays, you’re not alone. Even celebrity moms like Reese Witherspoon have to be creative when it comes to ensuring their kids are getting enough exercise every day.

According to Yahoo!, last December the Oscar-winning actress and mother of 3 took surfing lessons with her kids, Ava and Deacon (Tennessee was born in September 2012), while on vacation in Hawaii. Reese had a great idea: surf, sun … and fun, plus plenty of physical activity, a chance for family bonding time, and the opportunity for everyone to learn some new movement skills together.

If, like Reese and family, you’re planning on jetting off to somewhere warm this December, try to plan for some active family time so that you all get your 60 minutes of activity a day. Depending on where you go, family adventures can be easy to find. Many resorts and hotels offer loads of options like yoga, pilates, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, hiking, zip lining, kayaking, caving, mountain biking, and lots more.

Of course, not all of us are planning an exotic getaway this year, but everyone can find a way to be active with their family during the break. If you’re staying home, check out our 5 ideas for active family fun during the winter break that develop skills and are favourites with all ages.

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