Balloon juggling

Balloons provide the perfect opportunity to practice fundamental movement skills while having fun


Grab your child’s favourite ball, find a wide-open space and let the learning begin

Young girl skipping rope on the beach


Skipping develops two fundamental skills, coordination and jumping

Jumping boy

Long jump

Inspire your child to grow by leaps and bounds this summer

Summer day camps for kids

Many municipalities offer day camps or specialized camps. Some are general programs that give kids a chance at many different types of activities, including sports, outdoor adventures and museum and gallery visits. Others are more intensive around a particular interest, like art or computers; the best of these also provide opportunities for regular physical activity … Continued

June 15 is Nature Play Day

Here’s another reason to get outside. Friday, June 15 is Nature Play Day in Canada. The Child and Nature Alliance of Canada is encouraging all Canadians to get outdoors to experience the joys of outdoor play. We know the importance of playing outside. Children confident in both indoor and outdoor environments become active for life. We’ve … Continued

50 things to do before you’re 12

Are your kids spending too much time indoors? The National Trust of England is taking a fresh approach to getting kids active outdoors by publishing a “bucket list” – 50 things to do in the outdoors before you are 11 ¾ years old! Bucket lists have become de rigueur for adults looking to cram excitement … Continued

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