Scrub baseball

It’s baseball season and there’s no better time to get outside with a bat and ball and your kids. You don’t need to be part of a league to play. Scrub baseball is fun with as few as six players. Just grab some friends, neighbours or cousins and get out to your local park. This … Continued

Overhand catching

In our last newsletter, we shared with you the idea that children are ready to learn how to catch a light ball when they are three to four years old. The simple, underhand catch activity for beginners is good for your toddler to begin learning that skill. Once your child is comfortable with the simple underhand … Continued

What kind of sport activities are best for kids?

Q: I see ads for exercise programs geared at kids. Some do things like sit-ups and push-ups. Is this really necessary for children? What kinds of activities and exercises should I be looking at? If you have children between the ages of 5 and 10, you should look for a kids’ multi-sport program that focuses on … Continued

Tightrope walking

Here is another great indoor or outdoor activity to get your preschool child developing important movement skills: walking a tightrope. Find a thin piece of rope or a long piece of ribbon. Stretch the rope or ribbon out on the floor of your living room. (If you don’t have carpeting, you might want to secure … Continued

Underhand catching

Generally, children are ready to learn how to catch a light ball when they are three to four years old. By age five, you should definitely be playing catch with them. This activity teaches basic underhand catching skills using a simple sock ball, and it can be done indoors or outdoors. Catching is a very … Continued

Bucket toss golf

It’s January and maybe there’s a blizzard outside. Perhaps it’s raining sideways with hurricane-force winds. That’s okay. Your child can be active and learn physical skills even on bad weather days. Here’s a simple game to get your toddler having fun with fundamental throwing skills. 1. Get a beanbag or a soft foam ball that … Continued

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