Well-rounded athletes make the best hockey players

The best junior hockey players on the planet have gathered in Edmonton and Calgary to compete for the 2012 World Championships. Canadian players are rated at the top of this elite group. It may surprise you to learn that as kids, most of these rising stars played other sports in addition to hockey. We had … Continued

Are complete athletes the best hockey players?

In our January 2012 newsletter we featured a story about the Canadian National Junior team as they prepared for the 2012 Hockey World Championship. During breaks in practice, we asked the players about their athletic background. Many of them told us they played a variety of sports growing up, an indication that they developed physical literacy. We concluded that … Continued

Respect in hockey

Regina parents who want their kids to play hockey next fall will have to complete a training course first. Parents in Alberta will also have to take the one hour, online program, called Respect in Sport. Respect in Sport is designed to give parents the tools to understand their positive role in their child’s sport activities, explains Wayne McNeil. “To understand … Continued

Calgary Flames support physical literacy study

A couple of years ago, if you had done a Google search on the words “physical literacy”, you wouldn’t have found much. Today, the same search delivers more than 42 million hits. Reflecting the increased awareness of physical literacy and its importance to child development, the NHL’s Calgary Flames, through its Flames Foundation for Life, are supporting a new … Continued

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