English soccer goes kid-friendly

Recent changes in Canadian youth sports that promote children’s physical literacy are starting to happen in other countries. The motherland of soccer, England, is making sweeping changes to kids’ “football”. The English Football Association (FA, for short) is officially backing a switch to small-sided mini games for kids, with an emphasis on developing skills and … Continued

“Move more, live longer”: How other countries get the message across

At Active for Life, we promote physical literacy as a path for children’s health and success, but we also believe in delivering the cold, hard facts about the crisis. It’s one reason the public service announcement “Recess” was created. It turns out that Canadians are not alone in worrying about the health of children. Other countries … Continued

Physical literacy explained in 3 minutes

What is physical literacy? Check out this three-minute video for a good, short definition plus key facts about physical activity levels among children and youth. With rolling text and captivating music, the video hits all of the key facts and figures around physical literacy and getting kids active. It’s perfect to share with friends who … Continued

Own the Podium shifts focus to include Canadian kids

The mission of the Own the Podium organization is clear: “To lead the development of Canadian sports to achieve sustainable podium performances at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.” To help Canadian athletes win medals, in simpler terms. Heading into the London Summer Games, Own the Podium has set two bold goals for Canada: place in the … Continued

Well-rounded athletes make the best hockey players

The best junior hockey players on the planet have gathered in Edmonton and Calgary to compete for the 2012 World Championships. Canadian players are rated at the top of this elite group. It may surprise you to learn that as kids, most of these rising stars played other sports in addition to hockey. We had … Continued

What kind of sport activities are best for kids?

Q: I see ads for exercise programs geared at kids. Some do things like sit-ups and push-ups. Is this really necessary for children? What kinds of activities and exercises should I be looking at? If you have children between the ages of 5 and 10, you should look for a kids’ multi-sport program that focuses on … Continued

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