move more, live longer

As parents, we’ve heard the expert’s opinion that because of poor life habits, today’s children may not live as long as their parents. This hasn’t been the case since medieval times. Last June, we launched the Active for Life campaign with a 30-second television spot titled “Recess”. In that video, children share alarming statistics about … Continued

5 things you should do, 6 you shouldn’t

We recently featured a study that identified the 5 top reasons kids play sport. As you might have guessed, “because it’s FUN” is at the top of the list while “doing something I am good at” is a close second. We’ve compiled a list of DO’S and DON’TS for parents who want to help their child … Continued

Girls in sport: startling statistics

If you have a daughter, there’s good reason to be concerned about her future in sport and physical activity. The statistics are bleak and there might be worrisome consequences for your daughter’s health. Girls move a lot less than boys Research shows that only 4 percent of Canadian girls are getting enough daily physical activity … Continued

Remember Canada’s child fitness tax credit

As you’re working on your taxes this year, remember the credit you can claim because you enrolled your kids in a sports program. The Children’s Fitness Tax Credit is worth up to $500 for each child under the age of 16 for fees paid in 2011 “relating to the cost of registering your … child in a … Continued

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