Thirsty kids should stick to water, not sports drinks, says latest study

They replenish and refresh you after a rigorous workout or a long run, but does that mean sports and energy drinks are a good idea for hot and thirsty kids? The Canadian Paediatric Society says no.

According to a recent report in The Globe and Mail, children and teens should stick to water and avoid sports and caffeinated energy drinks due to a range of health risks from obesity and dental concerns to heart rhythm problems and delusions. The findings are from the Canadian Paediatric Society’s most recent study.

Part of the concern stems from the increased exposure of sports and energy drinks, like Gatorade and Red Bull, to teens and children. While Health Canada restricts direct advertising of these drinks to youth, the report says they are increasingly being targeted to young people at sporting events and on social media. And lots of kids are drinking them, says the society.

As a result, the Canadian Paediatric Society wants further protection against advertising sports and energy drinks in general to all youth.

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