Skateboarding: Not just for teens

“I gotta keep practicing, look at this one, this’ll be it!” We were at our town’s new skatepark for the fifth straight day, and I was watching my 11-year old transform from shaky to confident as he crouched, balanced, and popped his board into the air before landing firmly back down, in what he assured … Continued

How to use a fortune teller

Do you ever come across those nostalgic online quizzes that ask, “How many toys from the ’90s (or ’80s, ’70s, etc.) can you identify?” Bop It. Skip-It. Magic Mitt. Moon Boots. Each of these toys, whether you owned one or played with your neighbour’s, brings back memories of active backyard fun. Though the chances of … Continued

Be a lifeguard to your child’s “risky” play

Risky play is a hot topic in parenting these days. Are you “overprotecting” your children? Or are you “putting them at risk” by allowing them to climb the monkey bars at the park? Researchers are telling us that risky play is necessary for healthy child development. It’s essential for developing confidence and the ability to … Continued

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