Family ice skating

Everything gets Better with ParticipACTION

It’s challenging for families to find time to be active together, so Active for Life and ParticipACTION are making it easier. Families will find Recipe for an Active Year an excellent source of ideas for family activities throughout the four seasons. Most people think physical activity is just about losing weight and looking good at the … Continued

mom and sons sledding

#ProjectActiveFamily: The life-changing joy of keeping it real

I’ve been thinking a lot about a thought-provoking question that I recently received from one of the parents in our tiny-but-mighty #ProjectActiveFamily community. “What suggestions do you have for families who have little spare time for adventures that involve coming together as a complete family?” that parent asked. Her question got me thinking about how … Continued

Yoga woman posing outdoors for happy new year 2019

A printable recipe for an active year

Run, jump, swing, glide. When it comes to physical literacy, these essential skills open up a lifetime of fun and activities. And to make the most of an active lifestyle, it’s important to become proficient in these movement skills in every season, in all sorts of weather and environments. No matter what time of year … Continued

Fun (and practical) ways to get moving with a newborn

Following a pregnancy, taking time for your mental health and wellbeing is vital as it may be suffering due to lack of sleep. Gentle exercise helps you feel better, provides energy, and eases anxiety, and it is also an excellent way to connect with your baby. In a recent Toronto Star Article entitled “Tips for … Continued

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