Turn your Family Day into a family activity day

Turn your Family Day into a family activity day

With so many pressures on one’s schedule these days, finding time to enjoy outdoor activities together as a family can be challenging, especially this early in the new year with the kids back in school.

Fret not. Three Canadian holidays during the month of February provide the perfect opportunity for lots of families to get out and be active together:

  • February 11 is Family Day in British Columbia.
  • February 18 is Family Day in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.
  • February 18 is Louis Riel Day in Manitoba.
  • February 18 is Islander Day in Prince Edward Island.

Hibernating indoors during the winter months might feel like the natural thing to do, but getting outside and exercising benefits the whole family by improving levels of vitamin D in the body, improving concentration, and bringing families closer together.

So turn Family Day into Family Activity Day. Here are some fun things you can think about trying:

  • Sledding
  • Skiing
  • Skating
  • Snowshoeing
  • Go for a walk and discover the wonder of nature
  • Try snowball bowling
  • Set up a cold obstacle course
  • Footprint tag

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